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Sexual Assault Resources: Video & Multimedia

Video & Multimedia

This page highlights videos and multimedia available to members and staff through our available databases and other online resources. 

Stacy Mallicoat Defines National Intimate Partner & Sexual Violence Survey


Professor Stacy Mallicoat discusses the National Intimate Partner and

Sexual Violence Survey and the data it collects. Data from the survey

helps build understanding of victimization and what services and

legislation are needed to alleviate it.

Subject(s): Victimology, Domestic Violence, Survey Methodology

Keyword(s): Domestic Violence; Partner Abuse, Physical Abuse, Rape and Sexual Assault; Sexual Assault Statistics; Sexual Violence; Stalking; Survey Research; Victimization

CDC - What is Sexual Violence

Research on Sexual Violence

Abstract: Professor Claire M. Renzetti discusses her work in the field of violence against women. The Violence Against Women Act brought increased funding and attention to the research in this field, and the research is directly tied to changes in law and policing. 

Subject(s): Victimology, Domestic Violence, Violent Crime

Keywords: abuse and violence in relationships; sexual assault nurse examiners; victim advocates; violence against women; 

Survivors of Sexual Abuse Reveal an Important Truth

Rebecca Campbell - The World's Messiest Desk

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